Legend Walker

Mr Ruicheng Qi, the founder of Legend Walker is a designer by profession. He is an avid traveler who travelled many corners of the earth, including the South Pole and North Pole, where he published a book regarding his travel experience.

He has under his innovation, awarded more than 96 intellectual properties(patents) for functional luggage.

Legend Walker was created in 2002, and over the years, it has established a strong presence in Japan. Among its long list of customers and collaborations are, Japan Airlines, Loft, Aeon, Ace, Tokyu Hands, and others.

The brand is now expanding to other parts of the world, with strong footings in Taiwan, Korea, and soon other parts of South East Asia and Europe.


Kenvelo is a renowned lifestyle-clothing brand from Prague, Czech Republic, founded in 1991. The brand has well exposures covering more than 18 countries with more than 300 stores, with its main presence in Central and Eastern Europe.

Targeting young audience ranging from 18 to 35, this brand has its unique blend of casual active lifestyle.

We have extended the brand in our core lines; travel gears, executive accessories and winter wears, capitalizing on its established brand name and our core expertise in the industry for the past 25 years..

All our products bearing the Kenvelo trademark carry our commitment towards the best material used and craftsmanship, reliability and relevance to your travel needs

Camel Active

Camel Active, a genuine and exploratory lifestyle brand, carries consumers off to an exciting world: Discover new horizons beyond the limits of everyday life, experience special moments. camel active, which stands for masculine and modern casual wear, is always open for new innovations that constitute the brand’s unique and authentic style.

The basis of the lifestyle brand’s successful development was formed in the 1970s. Functional shoes and leisurewear for adventurous men was the motto for a range that was continuously expanded with new products in the casual wear segment. Today, camel active has come to represent a lifestyle label synonymous with people who revel in the unique challenges of urban and outdoor life.


Designed in Sweden, EPIC Travelgear are on a constant journey in search of achieving the very best that in this world and also in achieving the utmost of what is possible as far as the weight, functionality, durability and overall performance of the products that are created, developed and produced.

Austin Reed

Founded by Austin Leonard Reed in 1900, Austin Reed crafts ready-to-wear clothes as well as made-to-measure as well as uniforms for the armed forces and officers in the UK, and siren-suits for former Britain Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

In 1990s, Austin Reed granted with two Royal Warrants as outfitters to Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and the royal family.

Austin Reed has over 300 outlets in UK and more than 2,000 points of sale globally, making it an international brand.


Since the creation of the first President attaché case by Matsuzaki Co. Ltd. in 1960, President have been bringing smart, well-made luggage to the market. The President brand represents quality and reliability to our generations of customers. For more than half a century, we uphold the rigor and discipline of our Japanese heritage as the center of our core competencies.


Elle is a global fashion brand with a strong identity and has successfully extended its fashion lifestyle products. Elle’s products were first introduced in Japan in 1982, and have spread across several Asian countries and Europe in the 1990s. Elle has over 150 licensees worldwide, with strategic flagship stores at shopping malls within the modern cities of Asia.

Royal County Berkshire Polo Club

The late Brian Morrison became a legend when he created one of the most prestigious polo clubs in the world.
Trained as professional designer, he saw his club as a leading light in fashion. Again, his vision returned to set a trend.

Today, this label is available across the world.


Originated from USA, Hummer has been a household name with its military inspired brand. HUMMER legend continues globally, with its reputable brand name in the fashion retail industry until today.

Some of the key products under HUMMER includes; apparels, shoes, perfumes, watches, bicycle, toys, torchlights, and home furnishing.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin is an Italian born French fashion designer, best know for his haute couture geometric Avant-garde designer. His couture creations evoke a provocative spirit and an unexpected elegance.